Town Team Update

At the Annual Meeting of the Town Team, Peter Pearson was re-elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year. Town Councillor Ray Le-Var was elected as Vice-Chairman. The Town Team are working towards a business case for a new station at Corsham. It is also hoped to meet with key stakeholders over the next few months.

Update to Corsham Area Board – May 18th, 2016

An update on all of the work currently underway towards a new Corsham Railway Station, was presented to Wiltshire Council’s Corsham Area Board on May 18th, 2016 by Peter Pearson, Vice-Chair of Corsham’s Town Council and Chair of the ‘Town Team’ who are leading the work. Here’s a video of his presentation.        

Corsham railway station: A brief history

The original Corsham railway station, which opened in June 1841, served the town of Corsham via the Great Western Railway main line from London to Bristol. The station was situated in a cutting to the south of the town, with the main station building at the top of the cutting on the town side. It … »

Social media support exceeds all expectations!

Since launching the new Corsham Railway Station campaign website and accompanying social media profiles, we have received an outpouring of support from the local community. We have highlighted some of our favourites below: “The opening of Corsham train station can only bring an improvement to the residents of the area and ease the congestion on … »

Corsham Railway Station ‘GRIPS’ its future

The campaign for a new railway station in Corsham has been gathering pace with the provisional business case made, the support of many stakeholders and a clear opportunity to bring it to reality. A new team of local organisations has come together, led by Corsham Town Council, to build the business case for the new … »

Is Corsham railway station a feasible project?

A report commissioned by Wiltshire Council last year has been completed, and the findings, related to the potential Corsham train station, published. A predicted 400,000 passengers could travel from Corsham station each year, with the initial number increasing as later developments are rolled out. 330,000 passengers could utilise a railway station at Royal Wootton Bassett. … »